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My real name is Nathan Todd, the name DJ Binz has stuck with me from a young age so i decided to make good use of it. 

Over the past six years alone i have achieved way over my expectations and can only look forward to my future.

I am always looking for ways to learn new skills to help me deliver the best possible service.

When you book with me, Creativity and passion comes as standard.

From your children's party to a five star event i treat every booking with the same heart and pride my self on smashing it every time.

Life story.. 1989-2017

I was born in Nottingham on the 2nd of February 1989.

I grew up around good music and took interest at a very early age, i used to annoy the DJ at parties with a thousand questions on what button did what and asking the name of the song coming next, now that i have become older and more experienced i totally understand the sign language.

I was twelve years old when i played my first record live, i felt the buzz straight away and can honestly say i still feel that same buzz every time i play a record, and before you say anything yes i have checked the electrics on the record player. I started helping at all the parties at a local venue until i was confident to DJ on my own.

I loved every minute of it and would spend hours practicing ready for the next time. I continued for three years until the DJ who gave me a chance left the venue through personal reasons. 

I was distraught about the whole situation and thought that would be it for my DJ career until well...The Cherry Tree!  

I was taken on as the resident DJ at the Cherry Tree pub when i was 15 years old, i did either the Friday or Saturday night each week and any private booking that came in between.  Each night was different and i would think of ways to make the next night even better. Eventually i grew the confidence to speak on the microphone and things sort of took off from there really, i stayed at the cherry tree until not long before it unfortunately had to close down.

December 2010 i  set up DJ Binz mobile disco, what started of as a hobby soon became my profession.

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