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What Is Going On?!?


Keep on returning so you never miss out on upcoming events and promotions in your area.


Christmas 2019..​

Get in touch direct for available dates and prices! 


Family Nights with DJ Binz

Family Entertainm​ent smashed 2018!

If you missed out on the Fun last year bring your family out in 2019 and Get involved in either the afternoon or evening events near you.

(DJ Binz Family Entertainment service can only be booked direct to a venue, this allows you to come out and enjoy the fun free of charge)

Married Next Christmas...? 

The popular dates are the ones you need to book in advance, December is good to secure if your thinking of  a festive Wedding in the years to come. (If required i can recommend a choice of perfect venues for your reception at no extra charge.)

Running a Venue?

In charge of the Entertainment? tired of being let down?  

Freelance and fixed contracts are now available. 

Book a free venue call out today .

(6 - 48 month contracts only) (Ideal for Regular events or in house venue support)

Triple T's Party Package is now available  to Schools across                                     Nottingham!

Triple T's for school's is my Disco party package available Tuesdays to Thursdays and totally free to schools in Nottingham.

Register your child's school now and join in the Fun DJ Binz style!!

(closing date for registrations is on the 1st of December 2017.)

Registration Closed 

New for May 2017

New services now available for booking, click here for more information.

I am pleased to announce exciting times are on the way to Nottingham, DJ Binz style !!

keep a look out for updates..

Cyprus Summer 2016!!

Just about the best summer of my life to date i reckon.  I had the privilege of meeting some absolute legends and played my vibe to some amazing crowds.